With Revon, you are riding on the most advanced electric-bicycle technologies that are essential to your simple cycling experience. Our aspiration of giving riders a clean, convenient and comfortable cycling experience shapes a unique technical knowhow by which advanced shaft drive/inner gear design and meticulous component selections are constantly taking place.


Drive Shaft

Shaft drive is a highly sensible propulsion for today’s biking. Its absence of chain and sprockets eliminates the need for regular service and replacement. The shaft drive also ensures a high efficiency throughout the life of the bicycle, where as a chain system could only achieve such a goal through continuous cleaning and tuning. Furthermore, a shaft drive is much cleaner than a chain system due to its lack of grease and dirt.

Inner Gear

Our advanced inner-gear design ensures that the gears are all neatly tucked away inside the rear wheel axle for better protection, delivering a much longer duration of worry-free riding. Furthermore, with a more natural separation between gears, an evenly distributed and wide gear range provides smooth transitions among all speeds while providing functional gearing for hill climbing, cruising and more.


Our highly efficient, light weight and durable high-speed brushless electric motors provide ample power, sensitive torque responses and minimal environmental effect. We also utilize twist intelligent speed control throttle to maximize the motors' performance efficiency while enhancing their durability under all conditions.