At Revon™, our innovations are driven by the passion to deliver a clean, convenient & comfortable electric-cycling experience to people who value the advantages of simplicity in electric cycling. We strive to minimize bikers' operating energy and costs by focusing on the development of numerous key innovations such as shaft drive, internal gearing and streamlined mechanical design, constantly advancing the concept of simple user experience in electric cycling.



Revon™ is a cleaner way to travel thanks to its greaseless operation and low carbon footprint.

The absence of chain mechanism eliminates the presence of grease and dirt on surface, hence you will never get grease on hand or clothes. Furthermore, Revon's reliable and effortless electric cycling presents itself as a great alternative to your regular carbon-emitting vehicles, bringing you a healthier life and cleaner environment.



Revon™ is a convenient way to travel thanks to its simple maintenance and intuitive operation design.

Our advanced shaft-drive & inner-gear systems eliminate the need for vulnerable chain composition and securely protects the gears from impacts and debris, reducing maintenance frequency and costs. Moreover, all operation interfaces and control functions on our bikes have been designed with user intuition in mind in order to create a simple riding experience.



Revon™ is a comfortable way to travel thanks to its fluid propulsion and ergonomic design.

Our advanced mechanical design creates fluid shifting and mesh gearing for smoother, more responsive shifting and pedaling. And the independent gearing/pedal setup ensures undisturbed gear-shifting regardless the conditions of pedaling. Meanwhile, our ergonomic body-frame and user-touch-point design aim to reduce rider discomfort and fatigue.