At Revon™, our innovations are driven by the passion to deliver a clean, convenient & comfortable electric-cycling experience to people who value the advantages of simplicity in electric cycling. We strive to minimize bikers' operating energy and costs by focusing on the development of numerous key innovations such as shaft drive, internal gearing and streamlined mechanical design, constantly advancing the concept of simple user experience in electric cycling.


Whether you are a new rider or an experienced cyclist, Revon electric bikes give you the freedom to ride faster and further at the highest level of simplicity. We offer 3 distinct types of electric bikes each designed with a clear set of functional and stylistic purposes in mind.


With Revon, you are riding on the most advanced electric-bicycle technologies that are essential to your simple cycling experience. Our aspiration of giving riders a clean, convenient and comfortable cycling experience shapes a unique technical knowhow by which advanced shaft drive/inner gear design and meticulous component selections are constantly taking place.


Revon is not your typical electric bike company, as we not only innovate electric bicycles but also advance the popularization of electric cycling with an unwavering passion. Our superior manufacturing capabilities have created the foundation by which our leasing and distribution services can thrive, delivering to you a simple e-biking experience that is second to none.